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-400.0 ANH - Tales of the Chu'Unthor
The events of the Fandom Comics series, Tales of the Chu'Unthor.

-11.0 ANH - A Clone in the Dark
Short story detailing the origin of Pierce Tun.

-5.0 ANH - Cheedak's Last Hunt
Reeto and his father, Cheedak, hunt a Shadow Keeper through the forests of Kashyyyk.

0.0 ANH - SW4: A New Hope
Events of the film; Episode 4 - Star Wars: A New Hope.

0.5 ANH - Battle of Heg
The battle between Rebel and Imperial forces on the planet Bundim in the Trax sector take place approximately half a year after the Battle of Yavin. These are the events of the Battle of Heg short story series on the site.

2.5 ANH - Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War
Events of the fan comic; Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War.

3.0 ANH - SW5: The Empire Strikes Back
Events of the film; Episode 5 - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

4.0 ANH - SW6: Return of the Jedi
Events of the film; Episode 6: Star Wars - Return of the Jedi.