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Celebration V
Pictures taken during our time in Orlando Florida at Celebration V.

Aaron Johnson Lumiya Fan-Comic Sketchbook
Every month, for the rest of the summer, we will be releasing a few concept art images from our newest fan comic, starring Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith! Our artist for this 12-page mini comic is incredibly talented high schooler Aaron Johnson. He has a bright future in professional comics ahead of him, but we are fortunate enough to have him here at Fandom Comics for the moment! Enjoy the concept art!

Criado 2009 Star Wars Work
Welcome to my new sketchbook area for 2009! This is a chance for me to showcase my new work. I hope you all enjoy this collection of artwork. I will continue to update this area as much as possible over the next year.

OmegaCon 2008
Pictures of Fandom Comics' Keith Kappel and Dawn Gallagher visit to the first annual OmegaCon (2008) in Birmingham, Alabama.

Clone Wars Sourcebook Original Artwork
Showcase of all the original artwork presented in the Clone Wars Sourcebook as created by our talented contributors.

TJ Colligan's Tales of the Chu'Unthor Sketchbook
Here we have a collection of sketches TJ Colligan has done for the upcoming four issue mini series he will be drawing for Fandom Comics called Tales of the Chu'Unthor. The series will be written by Keith Kappel and focuses on the Chu'Unthor, a gigantic Jedi training ship that cruised the Star Wars galaxy several centuries before the events of the prequels. Expect this comic to launch in May or June, and in the mean time, enjoy the sneak preview!

Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War - Creating Page 7
This is a behind the scenes breakdown of the creation for page 7 of the Fandom comic The Invisible War, from early thumbnails to the finished piece.

The Expanded Universe Sketchbook
The Expanded Universe Sketchbook is a collection of characters I have drawn relating to Star Wars. These characters were drawn over the past 12 years, many of the drawings are my personal player characters from WEG Star Wars. Some of which I have become personally attached to over the years as you will see different verions of the same characters.A brief description will follow each drawing, how it was created and such. If you would like to use any of these drawings for NPC's, feel free.

The Invisible War Sketchbook
Welcome to The Invisible War Sketchbook area. Here you will find a great collage of characters, events and early concepts that have been created over the past several months. I will continue to update the pages as I can.