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Order 66 Podcast
The Order 66 Podcast is your premiere (and only) podcast for all things related to the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. Join hosts GMDave, GMChris, and Twi'lek Goodness as they cover all aspects of the SWSE gaming experience. From Droids to Darths, Jedi to Jar-Jar, and many, many stops in between you can not do better than the Ennie Award winning Order 66 Podcast.

Project Fanboy
Comic news and review site. Presenter of the Project Fanboy Award.

Ryan Brooks' DeviantArt Gallery
Webmaster Ryan Brooks' personal gallery on DeviantArt.
A page dedicated to posting Saga Edition conversions of existing EU and RPG material, as well as unique Saga creations for play with the Star Wars Saga Edition Role Playing Game. Fantastic site!
Star Wars Toy Collectors.

Star Wars Fanboy Association
A legendary site that launched the careers of a dozen writers and artists that have since been employed by Lucasfilm or one of its subsidiaries or licensees to do official work in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Star Wars FanWorks
Excellent fan-site and home of the impressive Star Wars Timeline Gold.

Star Wars RPG Network
Star Wars RPG Network Website, also the Holonet Forums

Steve Criado's DeviantArt Gallery
Cracken's Crew artist Steve Criado's personal gallery on DeviantArt.

Terra - An Online Sci Fi Comic
Home of the web comic 'Terra', created by the talented artist Holly Laing. Holly contributes heavily to Fandom Comics and her own website doesn't disappoint either.

Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia
Bob Vitas Star Wars Encyclopedia, very comprehensive, and great for research purposes!

"The Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit" is a vast resource of Star Wars lore from the entire mythos, and is an essential research tool for any would-be fan or writer.