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Cracken's Crew: First Missions #1
General Airen Cracken dispatches an elite team on a mission to rescue a prominent Rebel commander from a demolished Alliance outpost. Artwork by Jonas Scharf. Story by Keith Kappel.
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Dark Lady of the Sith - Issue 1
Shira Brie undergoes more than a merely physical transformation in the wake of her life-altering injuries during her mission as an Imperial double-agent. With Lord Vader taking a personal interest in her recovery, what does the future hold for Agent Shira Brie?
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Tales of the Chu'Unthor - Issue 1
400 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Jedi training vessel, the Chu'Unthor, plied the space lanes. Follow Jedi Master Fin-So Rowan and his Jedi comrades as they embark on the first mission of the Chu'Unthor's maiden voyage.
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Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War - Issue 1
General Airen Cracken and his team of intelligence operatives are in a deadly race against the Empire for control of a technology that could easily tip the balance of the Galactic civil war!
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