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Staff Bios

Anstrona Ryan Brooks - Designer
Artist, Designer & Writer: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Designer & Graphic Artist: Fandom Comics Website
Designer & Writer: Clone Wars Sourcebook (discontinued)
Designer: Cracken's Crew Sourcebook
Letterer: Cracken's Crew
Letterer: Tales of the Chu'unthor

Ryan BrooksBorn in 1978, Ryan Brooks missed the first run of Star Wars in theaters and has been making up for it ever since. For the better part of twenty years, Ryan has been steeped in Star Wars lore. As a freelance artist, writer, graphic/web designer, as well as an avid gamer and hobbyist woodworker, Ryan certainly knows how to fill up his free time. Currently, Ryan lives in South Carolina with his wife and two daughters.

NarCranor Keith Kappel - Writer
Creator: Fandom Comics
Writer: A Clone in the Dark
Writer: Battle of Heg
Writer: Cheedak's Last Hunt
Writer: Clone Wars Sourcebook
Writer: Cracken's Crew Sourcebook
Writer: Cracken's Crew: The Invisible War
Writer: Tales of the Chu'unthor

Keith KappelKeith Kappel is a long-time Star Wars fan community member who was born in 1979 and grew up in Addison, Illinois. In 1997 he joined the United States Navy as an Intelligence Specialist, and served in Virgina at both Naval Space Command and the USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN 71.

A passionate Star Wars fan who studies the novels, comics, films, cartoons, RPG releases, and reference books, Keithís love for the galaxy far, far away culminated in the opportunity to become a credited playtester for Wizards of the Coastís Star Wars D20 and D20R role playing games. Since that experience, Keith has moved from enjoying the stories of others to writing his own, recently graduating with a BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago in July of 2011.

In his spare time he enjoys shooting billiards, paintballs, and alcohol. He lives in his home in Chicago, Illinois with his chocolate lab, Chewbacca.

Scriado Steve Criado - Artist
Artist: Cheedak's Last Hunt
Artist: Cracken's Crew
Graphic Artist: Fandom Comics Website

Steve CriadoSteve Criado was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1975. He started drawing Star Wars and comicbook characters at an early age. " R2D2 was a fav of mine I drew him before I learned how to write. "
He has been drawing for most of his life but seriously for about the past 8 years.He has focused on Illustration and Design. " I have been really interested in creating half digital and half traditional paintings." Steve studied art in school and attended Youngstown State University. He now works as Art Director at Ray Simon Art where he along with Tim Sullivan manage the companies production department.

"Up until a year ago I never attempted to try my hands in comics. I had always wanted to but never studied the intricacies of sequential art. Keith emailed me about doing a comic and since I had always wanted to draw comics I agreed to take a crash course and start panelling. "

Steve now lives in Austintown, Ohio with his girlfriend Kim . He is currently drawing Cracken's Crew The Invisible War as well as various pinups.

TeeJay T.J. Colligan - Artist
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook
Artist: Tales of the Chu'unthor
Graphic Artist: Fandom Comics Website

T.J. ColliganBorn in 1979 and working with a pencil since 1980, TJ cannot quite remember seeing Empire in the theatres, but has a vivid memory of waiting in a line that wrapped around the outside of the theatre for Return of the Jedi, and the saga has been the defining mythos for his life since.

TJ is a core team member of Fanboy Radio, a comic book radio talk show and podcast and develops comics for, The Bullet Angelica, and The Velvet Goat. He runs a D20 Star Wars campaign set in the years between Episodes I and II and is thrilled to be involved in the telling of the Chuíunthor, an epic chapter in the history of the jedi.

TJ lives Fort Worth, TX with an art historian, a musician, and a vampiric feline named Shade.

Dawn Dawn Gallagher - Public Relations & Promotions

Dawn GallagherBorn in 1981, Dawn was somewhat of a late bloomer into the Star Wars Universe. She did not see any of the movies until they were re-released in theaters in the mid-90s at age 14, and has been obsessed with the fandom ever since. Joining Keith and Ryan's chat-based game at age 15, Dawn eventually graduated to helping with the occasional research and maintenance work, and beta tested D20 with the two of them. Even though she left their game after a few years, she never lost her love of Star Wars, role-playing, or any combination thereof.

While in college, Dawn concentrated mostly on other role-playing games, translating anime and Japanese rock songs into English, and earned a degree in Research and Intelligence with a minor in Japanese. She currently co-runs a Harry Potter role-playing site, and has re-joined Ryan and Keith to put her vast experience in Star Wars and role-playing to use in PR work for Fandom Comics.

Aaron Aaron Johnson - Artist
Artist: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Artist: Upcoming Lumiya Comic

Aaron JohnsonAaron was first brought into the world of Star Wars in the late 90's. Since he was 5 years old, he's been making his own original comics and honing his skills; practicing martial arts, writing and illustrating several stories and most recently, becoming an amateur music producer.
Besides comics, his other interests include filmmaking, science, astronomy, and Japanese culture.

Eli Eli Johnson - Artist
Artist: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Artist: Upcoming Lumiya Comic

Eli JohnsonExposed to the raw, unwavering powers of the Sith at a young age upon the release of the Phantom Menace in 1999, Eli strove to eradicate his homeworld, Earth, of the re-emerging threat -- in anyway possible. Brandishing a 0.7 mm graphite pencil and his signature Volcanic-Red diamond-shaped erased, Eli entered the art world seeking to create powerful heroes to counter evil; where ever it was found. Inspired by the mighty cartoons that spanned the late 90s and ran through the early 2000s, Eli manipulated the Midi-Chlorians on every paper he could find in his attempts to recreate the art that influenced him most... His attempts wouldn't go unnoticed however, as the Sith would strike back in 2005 in what would be deemed as The Revenge of The Sith -- severely crippling Eli's efforts.

Determined to finish what he started, however, he returned to his pencil even stronger than before in 2010; after a 2 year art hiatus, in which he spent his time improving and overhauling his style -- and struck a massive blow to the expanding Sith empire. Requiring a strong partnership, he teamed up with Fandom Comics in 2009, to continue his campaign against the Sith.

Eli's many interests include: Drawing, writing, reading, listening to his favorite composers, and learning Programming Languages that are foreign to him.

Jonas Jonas Scharf - Artist
Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Cracken's Crew: First Missions #1

Jonas ScharfBorn in 1992, Jonas has been a Star Wars fan since The Phantom Menace was released in theatres. For as long as he can remember, he has been drawing. When he began reading Star Wars comics, his interest in the medium grew, and he's been working to improve his skills ever since. Jonas means to pursue a career in illustration and comic art as he studies design in Nuremberg, Germany.

Contact Jonas about pricing and scheduling for commissions at

Contributor Bios

Chazz Christopher Chaisson - Contributor
Artist: Battle of Heg
Artist: A Clone in the Dark
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Christopher ChaissonBorn in 1971, Christopher Chaisson is a first generation avid Star Wars fan. The Epic Battle between good and evil enthralled the then 6-year old with the release of Star Wars in 1977, leaving an impression that would shape his future. "I collected everything Star Wars when I was a kid" he recalls, "from toys to action figures to comics."

Christopher's love of drawing and comics led him to pursue a career in art, and he attended college at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Under the guidance and tutelage of some of today's leading comic book artists and professionals, he graduated with honors with a BFA in Cartooning/Illustration.

Residing in Long Island, New York, his interests include vintage toy collecting, comics, and drawing. He is Freelance Artist, as well as a wheelchair lift/elevator technician.

Matt Matt Skilton - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Matt SkiltonHi!! Iíve been a Star Wars fan since I can remember, growing up on a betamax recording of A New Hope. Iíve always been artistic, but when I was 14 I knew I wanted to try my best at becoming a professional commercial artist at some level. Since graduating from my degree, Iíve been working non-stop on Star Wars illustrations, working digitally after being completely blown away by the Art of Attack of the Clones. I regularly exhibit my art at conventions, and always try to keep my work fresh, vibrant and fun! Hope you enjoy viewing my little contributions to the world of Star Wars.

Sully Tim Sullivan - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Tim SullivanTimothy Sullivan was born in 1976 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tim's interest in illustration started out with creating flip books and grew from there. Watching the original trilogy with his dad, Tim gained a fondness for the films. He was discovered by his 7th grade art teacher and not let go until his graduation. After graduation Tim enlisted into the Army and was stationed in Korea, among other locales across the world. Through his service he concentrated on graphic novels and learning the intricacies of illustration. After Graduating college with a degree in Art and Technology, Tim was deployed to Baghdad for 14 months. During that time, Tim keyed in on advanced photoshop techniques and his skills improved over the last year. Tim now lives in Youngstown, Ohio where he is a graphic artist with Ray Simon Art.

Duanne Duanne Barbour - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Duanne BarbourMartial Graphic Arts is the best way to describe Duanne Barbourís passions. He mixes visuals of martial arts in elements from sci-fi, to Hong Kong cinema, to super heroes. Having attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, his art has transformed into a personal mix of traditional inks, digital colors, scanned fabrics, and photographs.

He currently does a martial art web comic called Cloud Eagle. A distinct aspect of the comic has real martial artists physically portraying the characters, including him. He figures if he canít get the girl in real life at least his comic alter ego can.

Duanne currently works at the Pentagon. In his little spare time, he does photography, photo manipulations, and martial arts.

Holly Holly Laing - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Holly LaingHolly Laing has been a Star Wars fan since she first saw Return of the Jedi when she was 6 years old. Soon after that she watched the movies in order and fell in love with the magic of Star Wars. She has always loved to draw, it is a real passion that she hopes to make a career out of one day. She is planning to attend college soon, studying digital animation. She currently resides in Manitoba Canada, and works in the Army Reserves as a radio operator.

hai HAI! - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

HAI!Failing to get a real job right after university, HAI drifted for 5 months working as a low-level clerk for a cargo shipping company in an island in the middle of nowhere. Grateful to have survived several death-defying missions while delivering the most mundane paperwork from vessel to vessel, HAI left the company to work as a freelance graphic artist while living off on his parents' meager pension. Since then, HAI has been published in several comic book anthologies and has released his first award-winning children's book. To this day, HAI still lives shamelessly with his parents. He operates, a fake manga site for the poor otaku.

Sean Sean Vrabel - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Sean VrabelSean studied illustration at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he graduated in May 2005. He is Currently residing in Farmingdale, New Jersey and is living his lifelong dream of penciling and coloring comicbooks as well as designing characters conceptually.

Sandra Sandra Scholes - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Sandra ScholesBeing a fan of the original Star Wars Trilogy, Sandra Scholes has been
drawing and sketching for many of this type of genre's magazines and
it was a real pleasure to do work for Fandom Comics.

She likes to use striking imagery and bold lines in her work and it is
that which makes her work look dynamic and creates a sense of motion
when she completes a sketch ready to be coloured as she loves to see
another Artist take over after her and see what he or she comes up
with next.

Sandra currently has her work featured in the Tolkien Society's
magazine Amon Hen and online at the Tolkien Wikipedia where her work
features. She looks forward to the coming year and the commissions
that come.

Noel Noel Ward - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Noel WardNoel was fortunate to experience the Star Wars phenomenon first hand during it's original release. At the time no one had any idea how it would endure for generations. As exciting as the movies were at the time he felt even more excitement when he was able to introduce his kids to the original trilogy. Noel has an art background and training from the Cleveland Institute of Art where he studied Illustration. He also studied at the Cuyahoga Community College for drawing. His biggest influence is probably from comic books but he also get inspiration from cartoons and movies. Currently Noel designs and installs exhibits at a museum in Cleveland Ohio. Eventually he hopes to work as a concept artist with video games and films.

Greg Greg Woronchak - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Greg WoronchakAfter years selling cookies in a downtown store, Greg decided to pursue illustration. A long winding road later found him as a freelance storyboard artist with several productions under his belt. Greg had loved comic books over twenty years, and could remember (vaguely) clipping newspaper and magazine pictures of Darth Vader after watching Star Wars back in the day. He loves to draw, and is trying to keep busy doing it (barely paying the bills). Greg lives happily in Montreal, Canada with his wife Isabelle and two wonderful daughters Sarah and Emma.

BorgO Eric Allen - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

Eric AllenEric has been fascinated with space ever since he sat with his eyes glued to the TV as Neil Armstrong took his "one small step for man" back in July of 1969 -- even though he was only a few months old when it happened. While most kids his age were playing football or baseball, he was reading books on NASA and begging his parents to take him to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Needless to say, the release of the original Star Wars movie in 1977 blew him away just like it did with so many others; he became addicted to it like so much celluloid heroin.

His first experience with role-playing games came in college, where among the systems he began playing was the venerable Star Wars D6 RPG from West End Games (an Ewok with a taste for booze and fast-moving ships/vehicles still ranks among his all-time favorite characters from any system). He found particular inspiration from the illustrations of Doug Chiang as well those from as the various artists from Palladium Books over the years.

Eric graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University and immediately began work as a comic book colorist (among other things) at the now-defunct Dagger Comics. He has since been a freelance artist/colorist (most notably on Head Press' "Template"), apparel designer, retail advertising graphic artist/print media manager, video game merchandiser, and is currently the secretary for a university library in Birmingham.

Aside from sci-fi in general -- and Star Wars in particular -- Eric's interests include photography, trivia, his wife/son, and all things Disney (preferring to combine as many as possible at once). He managed to fulfill not one, but two life-long dreams in 2006 -- celebrating his becoming a one-day Jeopardy! champion by finally visiting Disneyland.

Drone Drone - Contributor
Artist: Clone Wars Sourcebook

DroneDrone has worked for quite a few years in the games industry. He has worked as a 2D/3D Artist, Concept Artist, and Lead Artist. Due to his daily work flow, he prefers digital media. His tools of choice are Photoshop, Sketchbook, and 3D Studio Max, however, in his line of work he's gotten used to working with software such as Softimage|XSI, Maya, Lightwave, Modo, Zbrush, Painter, ArtRage, and the like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send him a message on the Star Wars Artists' Guild. He can also be reached at

Shado Richard Bermudez - Contributor
Editor - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook

Richard BermudezBorn a long time ago, in a galaxy not nearly far enough away, the first run of Star Wars made on lasting impression on the still-young Padawan learner Richard Bermudez, as well as his college buddies. Richard began running Star Wars RPG events at conventions in the mid-90s, and started as a freelance RPG copyeditor in 2002 for Battlelords of the 23rd Century.

Richard's hobbies include astronomy, photography, modding computer strategy games (such as UFO: Afterlight, Hearts of Iron 2, and Jagged Alliance 2), reading, and history. His personal library numbers over 10,000 books. When not buried in a book or playing games, Richard works as a software systems analyst and QA manager. He was also CTO of a computer network support company in Houston for 7 years.

Richard currently lives in Florida, 20 miles from the Space Shuttle launch pads, where he enjoys the beautiful warm weather from the comfort of his air-conditioned study.